We deliver you our one-day offer of canyoning on the Rakitnica

Period: June –October

Description of the one-day canyoning trip:

At the appointed time in the morning hours,participants arrive in the Konjic-restaurant"HAN" After participants have breakfast at the restaurant (wide variety of food), we organize transportation to our starting point,Dubocani. Once there,equipment and theoretical/practical training and demonstrations will be given to the participants by our canyoning guides.We will then begin the descent of the spectacular Rakitnica canyon, which is one of the deepest in Europe. During the day-long activities, we will swim, dive, climbe, jump,float to overcome all obstacles that Rakitnica sets.Small beaches along the canyon will allow participants a short break for photos. Canyoning on the Rakitnica takes about 6-7h which depends on the number of participants and the pace of movement. After the descent, lunch will be serve at the restaurant. Perfect extreme activity for the adventurous.

The price of canyoning includes:

  • Parking
  • Professional guides
  • Insurance
  • Breakfast at the restaurant "HAN"
  • Lunch at the restaurant "HAN"
  • Transportation and CD with photos of trips



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