Olympic Mountains

During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Bjelašnica hosted the men's alpine skiing events, where brash Bill Johnson (USA) won the downhill after boldly predicting victory, overtaking Swiss ski legend Peter Müller who took silver. The American twins Phil and Steve Mahre took gold and silver in the slalom at Bjelašnica for the US as well. Switzerland's Max Julen surprisingly took the gold in the Giant Slalom, while the silver went to the Yugoslav favorite Jure Franko. Major investment was done by the Yugoslav authorities in order to accommodate the Winter Olympics. The Babin Dol area was developed for the necessary construction and a long main ski lift was built from Babin Dol up to the summit of the Bjelašnica summit. In preparation of the Games, a road was constructed across the Igman plateau connecting Sarajevo through Hadžići to the Malo Polje, Veliko Polje and Babin Dol venues. The Babin Dol area has several structures dating from that time, including the renown Maršal (then: Famos) Hotel and most of the skiing facilities in the area.

The Bjelašnica Olympic Mountain Ski Centre and its facilities are all located on the eastern slope of Bjelašnica main summit. There are 6 lifts, with one modern three-seat carrier lift departing from Babin Dol, three anchor lifts and two remaining single saucer lifts. Next to the original 3100 meter Olympic Downhill run and the Giant Slalom run there are four more pistes varying in length between 3200 and 550 meters and covering all difficulty levels between bleu-red-black.  A lot of investment has been done to develop the Ski Centre and the Babin Dol area since the era directly following the Dayton Agreement, with another peak during the last couple of years. New hotels, apartment complexes and restaurants have turned this area into a modern ski resort.

Lukomir Village

Lukomir sits at an altitude of 1,495 m on the Bjelašnica mountain. Stećci originating from the 14th and 15th century exist at the village and suggest that it was inhabited for hundreds of years. The homes in the area are made of stone while their roofs are composed wooden tiles. The Rakitnica canyon is located nearby and is said to be the origin of a dragon by local folklore.

Tour Spots

  • War mosque
  • Olympic ski jump
  • Dragon river
  • Eco village Lukomir


  • Transportation by van
  • Start 9 am
  • Return 7 pm

Remarks: Comfortable cloth and shoes, camera, sunglasses, water



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