Prokosko lake is located on Vranica mountain at altitude of 1635 meters above sea level. Prokosko lake is 426 meter long and 191 meter wide with maximum depth of 13 meters. With high altitude climate and nice position the lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some will say that this lake "was beautiful" because 20 years ago visitor could only find the lake, few local houses for shepherds and the mountain lodge and enjoy the peace and quiet atmosphere. Today situation is completely different with around 250 illegally built houses near the lake that drains the natural streams of water that supply the lake with fresh water and in turn deliver fecal waters into the lake. If that situation develops through the time there is a possibility that the lake will be replaced with a swamp.

At 20.10.2005. this lake was pronounced to be the natural monument and therefore protected with it's fragile ecosystem. We could only hope that the government will do more to protect this jewel from those who don't think about the future of this beauty. Everybody is welcome to visit the lake with remark that it is vital to keep it clean and take everything he brought there with himself when he leave the place. Also we recommend to go to the lake with some kind of a jeep because there is around 16 kilometers of unpaved road after Fojnica city to the lake itself.


        Tour Spots

  • Prokosko lake
  • Fojnica city


  • Transportation by van
  • Start 9 am
  • Return 7 pm

Remarks: Comfortable cloth and shoes, camera, sunglasses, water



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